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Privacy, Regulations and Copyright Stuff

So glad you asked! Find them in detail here - Privacy. Please contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any questions, complaints or comments.

We also have a long page about that! Read it here - Terms. This contains important information about copyright protection and your rights and obligations.

Foodie Events

Aside from being your guide to good taste with Foodie Magazine the Foodie Team also want to offer you unique experiences through delicious events! We want you to explore, discover, feel and taste what we love the most, this is our philosophy. Enrich your experience - there is no limit to the amount of events you can attend!

Canapés / Small Bites Food served in small portions and usually on sharing platters. Unless you are a small eater, don’t expect to be full from these.

Full Meal Appetisers, main course, desserts… the entire package.

Free Flow Drinks You know what this means. Just be careful! We are not taking you home.

Free Flow Food Yes, you can stuff yourself silly but be tactful. Eat only what you need 'cause food wastage is not cool.

Group Seating You will be seated together with other foodies, but don’t shy away. Foodie events are all about meeting new people!

Mixer Stand up, get out your comfort zone and mix around! Casual setting where you can chill and socialise.

Workshop Get your hands dirty and work for your food.

Check out our Events Page and articles, and follow the links to buy tickets! It is FREE to join the Foodie Club & get our special Foodie Club price so please contact us if you are in doubt about whether you are a member.

We believe that each event has its own personality and story. Foodie will collaborate with brands or restaurants for some of our events, because we want to create a different and exciting adventures for our guests, filled with surprises! Often we come across really interesting brands and products that are worth sharing with the Foodie community.

No! We welcome everybody to join our events, even those food addicts that are just passing through Hong Kong. We do have two different ticket prices: one for Foodie Club members and one for non-members. Non-members will enjoy ticket sold at normal price and for all the Foodie Club members, you will benefit from a special price on all of our events tickets. And you know what? You can easily become a Foodie Club Member by signing up here - it’s FREE!

We don't want our guests to feel like sardines in a can! Sometimes there are venue limitations, and sometimes we choose to limit the number of places to ensure the right experience for our events.

We will sometimes team up with brands to provide you the bests events. Generally sponsors will help provide a unique experience at a reduced price, but will never cover the entire cost of an event. Where can you get a free lunch?

To allocate tickets and manage our events we use Eventbrite. To book a ticket for one of our events, you must first register with Eventbrite. You will find the Eventbrite page link on the events' article (on our website, check out our Events Page) and also in our weekly newsletter (subscribe to that here).

We are happy to say that you can book one more ticket so you can attend the event with the person or people of your choice! More people more fun, right?

Tickets payment are managed through 3rd-party ticketing platforms Eventbrite by using Paypal. We also accept bank transfers

If you can’t attend a event you can let us know by email so we can release the ticket for another guest. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed for tickets refund, but we are happy to give you a credit to use on one of our other events - we want to give you every chance to enjoy a Foodie event!

If you have any further questions, please email us! We also welcome comments about events you have attended and will take them into consideration when planning future events.

Foodie Contributor FAQs

Anything you want! As long as it is related to food in some way.

Anything crass, derogatory, or defaming. This is not the comments section of YouTube; this is an insightful and helpful guide to good taste.

NO. Unless authorised by the owner of the photo, we cannot approve your article. The photos must be yours or properly approved and credited. To do this, take the name of the person whose approval you have, and link back to the source.

The articles that get published are entirely at the discretion of our editors. Given our background in publishing, and that you are appearing on Foodie’s site, if we think someone’s writing is better than another person’s, they will see more page time.

We want everyone to have a voice, and a chance to share their knowledge and personality. If you have not had your work published but you think it has potential, send an email to our digital editor and ask for some pointers.

There might have been spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and/or opportunities for information to be conveyed more effectively. We try very hard to make sure your words are as original as possible, but also that your published articles get full exposure, so we might add a line or two to ensure maximum impact.

The feature image at the top of the screen should be at least 1500 x 400. The images in the body of the article will be optimum at 800 x 400 to fit across the whole screen.

We would prefer if you did not use anything less than an iPhone 6 or the equivalent. If you don’t have photos to support your article we suggest using Flickr, Creative Commons, or other such photo sharing sites that allow for re-use of content by the copyright owner. Please ensure you credit the original owners work when you use their photo in your article.

Yes. Definitely do that! Our site makes it extremely easy to share and see how many times you have been read. How popular of an author you are is entirely in your hands! So much power.

In order to store as many gorgeous photos as possible, we've had to limit the size of each one. The main reason photos are not being accepted is because they are too big. Keep them under 1MB for now.